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European Fruit Cooperation (EFC) was set up as a cooperative venture between Coöperatie Koninklijke Fruitmasters U.A. in the Netherlands, WOG (Württembergische Obstgenossenschaft) Raiffeisen e.G. in South Germany and BelOrta in Belgium.

The society works for approximately 1,600 fruit producers who together represent a yearly turnover of EUR 330 millions.

EFC, as a cooperative company, was founded in 2002 in order to provide an adequate answer to the increasing internationalisation of the fruit trade.

The principal objectives of EFC are the implementation of the operational programme about the existing legislation with regard to the common market organisation of vegetables and fruit, the acquisition and the introduction of new varieties of fruit through a chain-strategy, the exchange of commercial information between the three partners and the worldwide organisation of the cultivation of trees and starting material for the new varieties.
In 2005, EFC acquired the worldwide licensing rights for two apples varieties, namely Nicoter cov and Nicogreen cov, which are being marketed as a concept variety.

From 2014 on, EFC cvba and her subsidiary GKE N.V. have the worldwide rights of the variety Cepuna COV.


EFC is a cooperative company with limited liability. EFC was established in 2002 and is based in Borgloon, Belgium.
The following production organisations each hold one third of the shares in EFC.

N.V. Greenstar Kanzi Europe (GKE), a subsidiary of EFC, organises the production and marketing of the fruit of the Nicoter and Nicogreen varieties worldwide.

Top quality fruit of these varieties is marketed under the trademark names Kanzi®Greenstar® and Migo®.

Kanzi Greenstar       

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