Nicogreen COV

Nicogreen cov is an apple variety created by crossing Delcorf and Granny.

  • Harvest time (Belgium): early October
  • Large fruits (70/85) with a nice, uniform shape
  • Smooth, green peel with obvious epidermal cells
  • Slightly acidic flavour, delicate aroma
  • High sugar content
  • High vitamin C content
  • Extremely firm, juicy flesh
  • Exceptionally resistant to turning brown after cutting
  • Firmness: 8.5 - 9.5 kg
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Excellent conservation
  • Highly productive
  • Average to strong growth
  • Blossom time: late
  • Pollinators: Golden Hornet, Golden Gem, Hillieri

Top quality fruit of this variety is marketed under the trademark name Greenstar®.

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